by The State of Georgia

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released January 28, 2013

All songs written by Georgina Jakubiak (Vocals / Piano / Bass)
Dave Knowlson (Drums)
Mark Crossley (Guitar)
Graingerboy (Synth)
Ryan Jarman (Vocals on ‘Drowning’ guitar on ‘Reaper’)
Sian Grayson (Vocals on ‘This Rock’)
Harmony singers: Lowri Virk, Lucy Bissett, Hannah McCreath & Olivia Hinds
Recorded & Produced by Lee Smith & Jamie Lockhart at Greenmount Studio
Mastered by Tom Woodhead at Hippocratic Mastering
Samples by Zenon Jakubiak
Album art work by Becci Whitehurst
This album is for Zen who is always there…



all rights reserved


The State of Georgia Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Deaf Dumb & Blind
Does it come as a surprise I’ve told you many times
The way I’m feeling, I can’t hide that from you
Always wear my heart on my sleeve, it’s not hard to see
Are you deaf dumb and blind?

I’m singing loud
Hear me now

It’s my voice they say they love to hear me sing
But do you listen to the words I’m shouting at you
I’ll just keep on singing loud until somebody notices me
Gives me time…

Do you want to follow me I’ll take you to a world
You knew existed and always dreamed you could be
Upon that stage you want it badly don’t you
I can tell you how it feels.

Do you hear me now?
I can show you how.
Track Name: License to Hurt
Is that it? Is the party over? Should I box up my high heeled shoes?
Is this it? My destination? There must be something I forgot to do...

We stopped speaking a year ago and you don’t even care
If only they knew what you’d said, there must be something missing there

Blessed with poetic license.
To hurt ones you love along the way.
And the world always seems to forgive you.
But I know it will find you one day

Are you for real? Because I took your fender?
Is that what a friendship costs?
Is this real? Am I hallucinating?
You must feel some kind of loss.
Track Name: Earth Angel
You can calm the storm in my eyes
You make the darkness turn into light
Your words soothe me like a lullaby

I promise you this
Till death do us part
I’ll give you everything
Just take good care of my heart

I’ll be your Earth Angel
I’ll be your melody line
I’ll be the missing pieces
I’ll be the song we can’t find

You are the warmth in my cold night
Track Name: Reaper
I don’t do things by halves if given half a chance
I work as hard as I play and I play so we can dance

I don’t fear the reaper so I definitely don’t fear you
Not good enough for business, nothing like Blood Red Shoes

Who ooooo do you think you are?
No, really
Who ooooo who do you think you are?
Who ooooo do you think you are?
No really
Who the fuck do you think you are?

I’m possessed by the devil of music and I won’t stop till I’m dead
I don’t care if you like it or not, I just say what’s in my head
Track Name: Drowning
There must be more to life than this traffic jam
(All this time sitting could be spent living)
I never wanted to be working for the man
(Trying and peddling and kicking but drowning)

And then I cried in the bath
Listening to the radio
And then I cried for the past
Singing songs that I used to know

And when I start thinking about the people who’ve gone
(All this time giving must mean something)
And when I start drinking, I can never stop at one
(drinking and numbing the pain that you’re feeling)
Track Name: Hitched
Hey you, I’m getting hitched! I know it’s weird ‘cause I thought we were kids
I woke up today in strange strange mood like I’d lost a few years.
The sky feels heavy like it’s going to snow, you know, I’ve lost my direction
I don’t know where to go. I’m driving, driving and missing the point,
I’m striving for what I don’t want!
Driving driving driving
Driving driving driving
I, don’t need money
I just need time
(Not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week)
The sound of life, it rings in my ears but can we have some peace for a few more years.
You know I’ll give you me and that’s a big deal till the end of time.
End of time
End of time
I, don’t need money
I just need time
(Not enough hours in the day not enough days in the week.)
Track Name: The Beast
Our Love, is gonna be Olympic
It’s gonna murder the beast in me
Our Love, is gonna be the strongest
And the tallest a love could possibly be

Don’t let it out...

Will you love me when the trees turn pink?
Will you love me when the trees turn green?
Will you love me when the trees wear nothing at all
And everything is not as it seems?
Will you love me when the sky is blue?
Will you love me when the sky is grey?
Will you love me when the storm clouds gather above
And everything stands in our way?
Track Name: I Can't Help Myself
What am I doing? What am I waiting for?
Can you be serious? Why do I still want more?
I heard someone yesterday say “I’ll never have that again”
I don’t want to waste my time.

I just want you to look at me
Understand my tears
I want you to hear me
My voice falls on deaf ears
I wanna be happy but there’s a spanner in the works
It’s decision time.

I can’t help myself
I’ll never have that again

Am I getting younger? I want to relive my past
Why am I frightened? Time goes by so fast
I’ll never regret it, I do what I wanna do
Let’s not waste more time.
Track Name: This Rock
I had a feeling that you would be leaving
A sneaky suspicion that you would go away
I don’t blame you I know the feeling
When you can’t think of one good reason to stay

I don’t trust myself so why I should trust you
I don’t like myself I don’t expect you to

This rock has gone that I was standing on
I should jump and swim
Bit the waves are really crashing

I’ve got a feeling that you might be needing
Some of things you left behind this way
Did I tell you I know the feeling
The grass isn’t greener no matter what they say
Track Name: Harmony Song
Will you live this life with me please?
Will you promise, promise me?
Will you solumnly swear, will you say a prayer that together we will be?
Breathe in life each morning,
Said a tattooed man to me.
Live each day like it might go away and the future you will see.
Will you laugh with me in the daytime?
Will you dance with me in the night?
Will you promise me this and seal with a kiss and let our love take flight?