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High Hopes 03:21
I know we've been drinking too much I know we've been getting too thin I know I've been listening to too much Kate Bush And waiting for you to ring me Don't do this to me right now, I really feel the cold I had High Hopes for you, I don't know why. You're only a guy! Well done super star. Get your brush and I'll hand you the tar You've joined the 'let down list' and I just wanted to say Please stay away. Well, they all like the idea of me, dissapointement has got me bored. I didn't really ask a thing of you, just not to be ignored. I've got three gold 'G's' you see, is it sick to wear all three? Go on gorgeous, get out of my sight! you tainted my memory. If you could see what's left of me, then you would let me be. Go on gorgeous, get out of my sight. You tainted my memory.
Time Bomb 02:38
There's been a few things bugging me lately, A few things I'm dying to get off my chest... It smells of piss at the subway station, but the train wont go and I can't get off. Tick Tock I'm not getting any younger, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Maybe I should sing with my London accent, cause that is where I'm from! I realised I'm not bored of playing. I realised I'm bored of waiting to play. I realised I don't mind the working, but I DO mind when you're TAKING my pay! Tick Tock I'm a ticking time bomb, I'm ticked off and I'm tired of fucking around! Will this ever happen? Or should I cut my losses and settle down. Down down down. I am made of glass I can be broken I am made of paper I can be torn I am made of powder I can explode! I am made of glass I can be broken. I'm tommy tippee, I'm tippee tommy. I'll have a drink from the wrong side of my cup. This is not a cure for frustration, it's not even a cure for my hiccup. Tick Tock so you want to be a Grandma? My baby's to heavy for you to hold! Even for me it's slipping somewhere, and what's left is empty and it's cold.
I lost myself for a while I don't know why. The lights went out and the stars in my eyes. Lost in a world where I don't go even thought I tried. I know me, and this aint me, should I lie? I know what I can't and I know what I can, I know what's in my blood. I stood on the edge and I asked the Gods, they told me that I could. I'm not as strong as I used to be. Now instead of 'I' there is you and it's 'we.' It's not too late now I can hear, now I can see. Save me a place, save me a world, save me a key...
Being Betty 02:55
And there was five of them...they said "Girl, do as you're told!" she said "My name's not Betty! I'm new to these parts..." It just aint working! It just aint right. I shouldn't be running alone home tonight. It's just a fantasy, not a reality. Will God still love me? If it all comes off for this one... She thought she'd get married again and again. It would solve her problems, repent her sins. It just aint working, it just aint right. I shouldn't be running alone home tonight. It's just a fantasy, not a reality. Will God still love me? If it all comes off for this one. Every man's dreaming of you and the things he thinks you'll do. His darkest fantasy, all you feel is guilty...
Arm 02:47
Tired and teary, I remember how we felt. Sad and weary, I remember how you smelt. I rememeber what we wore, as we both stood by the door. Holding onto eachother like we die without it. How could you forget? How could you doubt it? You didn't want to go and I knew when you did it would never be the same. I feel like you've taken my arm I feel like you've taken my leg I feel like you've taken my heart And now I can't give it to somebody else instead. Waking up this morning, I knew something was wrong. Cause I couldn't get through it and usually I am so strong. Don't give me excuses, dont give me time! I don't want to forget but I want to be fine. No-one knows just what we had. And now all that's left is a series of moments saved in a photo and placed at the bottom of my bag.
Blind Horses 05:12
You're like a mist on my mind, a thick grey mist. Texture like mud, thick and nasty to touch. You look down from your horse so damn high, and sigh disaproval. Such a cruel cold girl you've become, blinkered and galloping blind. What will happen when you reach the other side? Don't see me, I'm not half the girl I used to be. If only I could live the past with hindsight. If only I could make you see the light. If only I could shake this S.A.D, then maybe you would stop and remember me. You're like a tick in my throat, a sick, black tick. Stuck fast to me much to my animosity. I look up from my hiding place, to see who's around now... Such an unsure girl I've become, frightened and galloping blind. What will happen when I reach the other side? Don't see me I'm not half the girl I used to be. If only I could say the things I'm meant to. If only I change your point of view. If only I could live the past with hindsight. Then maybe things would turn out alright.
Witches 02:28
My little black tom cat went missing on Halloween. Maybe the witches have got him he is no where to be seen. And if by magic they bring him home to me, I'll thank the heavens and witches and everything in between. Send him home. The leaves were falling as I walked along an Autumn avenue. It felt like the end of an era we all knew a change was due. Days getting darker my heart it grew heavy and I just knew. Remember the good times in case they don't rememeber you. Don't rememeber you.
This Place 02:38
I've been in my twenties forever and I don't think I have done anything great yet. And I know if I don't get a move on the world will keep going and it will too late. I wake up each morning with this unexplainable guilt in my head. I don't think I am good enough for you or done enough, made enough... Get out of bed bitch! With friends like these who need thier enemies I don't know what I was thinking. So I'll bite my tongue again carry on ignoring all of my demons. This town isn't big enough, warm enough, nice enough for you and me! Get out of This Place. Come with me, I can show you beauty. We can make this happen, if you want it to! Get out of This Place.
Patience 03:33
I'm weak. I'm woman. I'm human. I'm halved. I'm flat. I'm foreign. I'm dull. I'm diseased. You're the piece of the puzzle. Without it I'm wrong. And you say, "Just be patient" God it feels like so long. I don't belong, without you. I'm tired of on my own. I hate to rely, I hate to need. But half of me is missing and the wound just bleeds. God it just bleeds. I'm torn. I'm tired. I'm lonely. I'm lost. I'm caught. I'm confusion. I'm ruthless. I'm raw. And it aches like bad bruises. My body is sore. You should know, how I miss you. Never felt this before. Not once before. Of that I am certain I am sure. I hate to rely, I hate to need. But half of me is missing and the wound just bleeds.
When it's summer I can't remember winter. When I'm sober I can't remember feeling drunk. Do you remember when I was so happy I tore my favourite skirt. And once I was so sad I couldn't even go to work. And I still think about you. Less and less but I still miss you, stupid I guess. My arm is sore and I wish that I could tell you. Everyone's looking for someone to blame, the couples in love or the single girl who always complains. Do you remember the Day Madonna Died? it was freezing outside and you lied and you broke my heart and I cried and I cried and I cried. Cried and I cried and I cried and I cried I'll pick up the phone and I'll ring round again but everyone seems to be with thier boyfriends. And I still think about you. Less and less but I still miss you, stupid I guess. My arm is sore and I wish that I could tell you. Let's get back on track, oh lets make amends so we can go off the rails again...
I don't know what you want from me. I'm void of song and far from sleep. I do the best with what I've got. But to wait forever I will not. Don't push him, don't push him away. I know it's going to happen for you someday. I gave you time, I lived without. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Forever Winter never spring. I miss the brother you became. You push them, you push them away. I wander if the cold will melt someday.


released October 30, 2010

Tracks 1,2, 3,5,6,7&11 recorded and produced at Greenmount studios Leeds with Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart. Tracks 4,8,9&10 recorded and produced by Julian Simmons at Din studio London. All tracks mastered at Greenmount studios by Lee & Jamie.

Georgia Lashbrook: Vocals/Piano/Keys/Drums/Bass/Saxophone/Omnichord
Simon Grainger: Piano/Keys/Vocals/Strings
Lee Smith: Bass/Guitar/Ukulele
Jamie Lockhart: Guitar/Percussion/Vocals
Gary Stewart: Drums/Percussion
Hannah Gibbs: Cello
Julian Simmons: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Paul Cook: Guitar


all rights reserved



The State of Georgia Leeds, UK

Ey up, I'm Georgia. I write songs and sing them with my band. I also record them, usually at Greenmount studio in Leeds. Sometimes at home. I write songs for a dance company too. Hope you like them...

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